Product News: NETZSCH-Webinar – Adept Adhesion: Characterization of Adhesives Using DEA, DSC and DMA

10 Apr 2014

The precise investigation of adhesives and associated processes by means of thermal analysis is being discussed in a free webinar offered by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing called “Adept Adhesion”.

The webinar offers users who work with adhesives – or who will be in the future – some insight into the field’s most important methods: DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), DEA (Dielectric Analysis) and DMA (Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis).

Topics addressed include the characterization of adhesives, how to determine optimum cross-linking in an adhesive mixture and how best to investigate the mechanical properties of a cross-linked adhesive. Application examples are provided to help clarify the methods.

The webinar not only conveys the types of information that can be gleaned with each of the various analytical instruments, it also allows participants to ask questions of their own.

Click on the company website link below to register for the webinar.