Product News: Nano Quantity Analyte Detector - A New Aerosol-Based Detector

21 Jan 2009

The Quant NQADTM Nano Quantity Analyte Detector is a new and completely different kind of aerosol-based detector for HPLC. Based on Condensation Nucleation (CNLSD) technology, the NQADTM detector's high sensitivity helps analytical chemists accurately identify and measure extremely low concentrations of compounds in low nanogram ranges.

The NQADTM detector also offers a wide dynamic range with superior linearity when compared to other aerosol-based detectors. Universal detection of a broad range of semivolatile and nonvolatile compounds provides accurate concentration analysis of the drug components. This superior performance will aid pharmaceutical development where impurities or drug degradation can be detected with minimal sample preparation.

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