Product News: Morphologi G2 aids identification of polymorphic crystal forms

19 Mar 2007

Recent work at Malvern Instruments has demonstrated the usefulness of the company’s Morphologi G2 high sensitivity particle size and shape analyzer in the characterization of polymorphic crystal forms. The ability of the Morphologi G2 to accurately determine particle shape makes it a cost-effective option for polymorph identification and characterization.

Since different crystal polymorphs of a molecule can have a significant effect on the chemical and physical properties of a compound, understanding polymorphism is important in many industries using crystalline materials. Studies of different forms of glutamic acid have indicated that monitoring batch crystallization processes with Morphologi G2 shape parameters allows rapid characterization of polymorphs, which may not be possible using particle size measurement alone.

Full details of this work area available in an Application Note downloadable from the Malvern Instruments website