Product News: More choice, simpler interface – Freeman launches new software for powder tester

23 Oct 2006

The new release of Freeman Technology’s Data Analysis software package for the company’s FT4 universal powder tester delivers faster analysis with more flexible reporting options.

It incorporates the latest types of test available on this multi-functional powder measurement system, and offers a redesigned and simplified user interface.

Thanks to a programme of continual development, new functions and extended measurement capabilities have been added to the FT4. These include compression, permeability and shear testing; the FT4 is now regarded as a universal powder tester. The new FT4-DA (V4) software enables the comprehensive analysis of all test types and data sets, allowing them to be represented both graphically and in report form. It also incorporates a number of new tools for users that make analysis and data representation and comparison even easier. Enhanced graphics and graphing facilities allow more sophisticated results presentation and full report customisation.

Part of the instrument’s system software, FT4-DA enables rapid interpretation and summary of measured data from powder samples. It is a standalone application that can be installed on any computer, allowing analysis away from the laboratory if required. Existing FT4 users can upgrade to the new release free of charge.