Product News: Molecular Devices Showcases New Systems for Ion Channel Research at Neuroscience 2013

25 Oct 2013

Visit Booth 2413 to learn about all the exciting new systems launched this year.

IonFlux™ automated patch clamp systems showcased
This year Molecular Devices made an agreement with Fluxion Biosciences to become global distributor for the IonFlux portfolio of instrumentation and consumables. On show at the booth, IonFlux systems offer an unrivalled level of simplicity for electrophysiology. Combined with low running costs, and a base system with a cost similar to a manual rig, this makes the systems an ideal solution for laboratories in both academic and industrial settings. The IonFlux 16 electrophysiology system is capable of delivering results from up to 64 test compounds per run, while the IonFlux HT platform can deliver results from up to 256 test compounds per run.

IonWorks Barracuda® Plus automated electrophysiology system
Meet with their experts to hear how the next generation system, IonWorks Barracuda® Plus, has bridged the gap between low cost screening and the accuracy of direct electrophysiological analysis. Now a single platform provides an affordable, rapid solution for voltage- and ligand-gated ion channel research for drug discovery screening and safety assessment.

IonWorks Barracuda® Plus has enhancements to produce best in class wide assay windows with stable ionic currents. Wide, stable assay windows enable studies of drug binding for use-dependent compounds and can also help to reduce the cost of compound profiling.

Visit their Neuroscience 2013 Event Page to see the complete list of systems that will be present at the booth along with information about free tutorials, posters and competitions.

Free tutorials:
6:30 to 8 PM, Nov 10 (Sunday): Investigating Use-Dependent Inhibition of Ion Channels on Automated Electrophysiology Systems
6:30-8:30 PM, Nov 11 (Monday): Getting the Most Out of pCLAMP Software