Product News: Molecular Devices Launches New Digital Confocal Module for HCS

23 Jan 2012

Molecular Devices, LLC, has announced the launch of a Digital Confocal Module for use on its ImageXpress Micro High Content Screening (HCS) systems. Designed for use as part of the MetaXpress® 4 software package, the Digital Confocal Module significantly increases throughput and assay quality.

The new Digital Confocal Module is designed to cut exposure times by at least half, using rapid, intelligent image analysis during screening. This intelligent analysis enables researchers to double their throughput, allowing acquisition and analysis of more than 10 million cells per hour. The speed and accuracy offered by the new module offer a real advantage for scientists working in HCS, where significant resource is dedicated to screening millions of samples for rare new drug or gene therapy candidates.

ImageXpress Micro XL system’s research-quality images span up to an entire 384-well plate, three times more than standard HCS systems. The integration of ImageXpress Micro with MetaXpress 4 Digital Confocal Module provides unrivalled performance for ease of use, speed and quality images researchers can be confident with.