Product News: Modular product and price list published for Plate CHAMELEON V

19 Sep 2007

Many Plate CHAMELEON V customers have requested a modular platform for the product. A multitechnology instrument is a very interesting product, but many users may only need one or two technologies to start with.

Hidex is now offering a modular price list with attractive pricing and full upgrade possilities for all instruments. Users can start with, for example, a microplate luminometer with good performance and later upgrade to fluorescence and absorbance, when their labs grow and new applications are needed.

A complete version will have six different detection technologies including radiometric and non-radiometric detection. Liquid scintillation counting, luminescence, fluorescence with polarization and time resolved fluorescence features and a absorbance reading are all included. Temperature controlled incubation, onboard injectors and full 21 CFR part 11 compliant software package are also available.