Product News: Mini-Spectrometer Module with Infrared Enhanced CCD

07 Oct 2011

Hamamatsu Photonics have introduced the new C9405CB mini-spectrometer. This new TM spectrometer module utilizes a transmission grating and a new ultra high sensitivity IR Enhanced CCD. By utilizing Hamamatsu’s technology in laser processing, it is possible to form a MEMS structure on the back side of the CCD, which results in an increased sensitivity at wavelengths longer than 800 nm. The CCD within the C9405CB features a quantum efficiency of 40% at 1000nm, without the need for a deep depletion structure, with its corresponding drawback of higher dark signal.

The C9405CB features a high resolution of 5nm, over a wavelength range of 500-1100nm. Over the range 800-1100nm the IR Enhanced CCD of the C9405CB achieves 10x the sensitivity of a conventional front illuminated CCD, extending the range of applications for which this miniature spectrometer can be used.

The C9405CB consists of a palm-top size polychromator integrated with optical elements, an IR Enhanced CCD together with an image sensor driver circuit. The standard spectrometer module also includes an integrated USB interface to allow simple PC connection and data acquisition. The module is supplied with sample software, which allows the end user to set measurement conditions, acquire and save data and display it graphically, thus making it quick and easy to start taking basic spectral measurements.

This new miniature spectrometer module is ideal for applications requiring a spectrometer with very high IR sensitivity that has good spectral resolution. In particular the C9405CB is suited to medical diagnostics, chromatography applications, food sorting and thickness monitoring.