Product News: MIDSCI Introduces Bath Armor™ Beads As An Alternative For Temperature Bath And Incubation Applications

13 Jul 2009

The new Bath Armor™ Beads from MIDSCI are aluminum composite beads that provide several distinct advantages over current bath and incubation methods. Designed to replace water or ice in baths or ice buckets, the dry highly thermal conductive beads eliminate moisture, a major source of microbial contamination.

Use of the beads in baths also negates the need for constant cleaning and refilling, and the beads will not evaporate like water which prevents bath burnout or fire. Bath Armor™ Beads are extremely versatile in that they can be used for hot or cold applications and can conform to the shape of any vessel. This makes them ideal for dry baths, negating the need to have multiple blocks for different sized tubes and containers.