Product News: Microsaic Systems Miniaturizes MS Analysis

31 May 2011

Microsaic Systems presents its award winning molecular ion detector (MiD®) at ASMS 2011- booth 19.

Until now, if customers wanted to detect chemicals in solution they had to buy something the size of a filing cabinet. Microsaic Systems is the first company to successfully integrate a chip-based atmospheric pressure ionisation mass spectrometer (API-MS) detector. Microsaic has microfabricated the key components of an API-MS instrument onto patented, user-replaceable chips – just like a printer cartridge. The breakthrough technology now makes it possible for customers to have a MS the size of a small desktop printer.

Microsaic Systems (Woking, UK) introduces the molecular ion detector, capable of rapidly identify components in solution based samples using quadrupole mass spectrometry technology. The Microsaic 3500 MiD detector is many times smaller than comparable laboratory-scale MS instruments, and consumes far less electricity, gas and solvent.

At the heart of the Microsaic 3500 MiD detector is the ionchip®, the world’s first quadrupole mass analyser on a chip. Key components are supplied in tough, interchangeable modules which can be replaced in minutes, eliminating the need for service call-outs and radically reducing system downtime. The Microsaic 3500 MiD detector also includes a built-in computer running Masscape™, a proprietary software application.