Product News: Synthesis Made Easy with a New Approach to Productivity

05 Dec 2011

Mettler Toledo has introduced EasyMax™ a future-oriented personal synthesis workstation designed to replace the traditional round-bottom flask. It is simple to use, efficient, safe, requires no cryostat or PC and takes up only minimal fumehood space. EasyMax™ increases chemical development productivity thanks to higher quality experiments of each single experiment.

Time-to-market is an ever-increasing challenge and decisions have to be taken quickly based on reliable information. Increasing productivity in chemical development can now be easily accomplished with the innovative reactor system EasyMax™.

EasyMax™ transcends traditional synthesis workstations to provide chemists with a platform for screening, optimization and characterization. It replaces traditional round-bottom flask setups allowing chemists to perform syntheses accurately and reproducibly. With its wide range of hardware and software accessories, the system can grow in line with specific requirements allowing more complicated applications and experiments to be executed as and when required. It operates with a clearly arranged, easy-to-use touchpad and has a built-in solid-state thermostat covering a temperature range from -40°C to +180°C, without the use of a cryostat. Experimental records are collected, stored and can be transferred to a PC with a USB memory stick.

The personal workstation grows with each chemist’s demands and increasing experience. A wide range of components and peripherals, optional software and seamless integration with online analytical techniques ensure a sustainable investment into the future. The excellent experiment and data quality reduces the number of experiments significantly simultaneously resulting in increased productivity and reduced reagent and solvent consumption.