Product News: Inert Pipette Tips for Safe Food Manufacturing

14 Dec 2012

For food manufacturers, clean equipment is vital to safe food production. To address manufacturers’ concerns about labware safety, METTLER TOLEDO has introduced Rainin BioClean™ pipette tips. These 100% inert tips help ensure safer ingredients, critical to product safety and consistency. This in turn helps to reduce costs associated with reworked batches and unhappy customers, ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent food manufacturing guidelines worldwide.

Many products on the market are labeled 100% contaminant-free or sterile. However, research shows that even these tips may compromise the outcome of scientific work because of the presence of substances commonly used in pipette tip manufacturing, such as the detergent DiHEMDA and releasing agent oleamide. BioClean™ tips have been proven to be free of both of these substances.

BioClean™ tips are also produced and packaged in a 100,000k clean room environment via a fully automated process, which ensures they are free of external contaminants such as DNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens, PCR Inhibitors. This absence of contaminants augments their non-reactivity—as well as the safety, consistency and palatability of end-result food products. Rainin BioClean™ Tips are among the purest pipette tips on the market today.