Product News: Process Analyzer for your On-line and At-line Applications

16 Jan 2012

Metrohm Applikon has released the new ADI2045TI Process Analyzer, the latest generation of wet chemical analyzers.

The analytical system uses high quality Metrohm analysis modules like the Titrando range of titrators. Combining Metrohm’ s knowledge and experience in laboratory analysis and Appleton’s experience in process control instrumentation results in an analyzer that can perform nearly every On-line or At-line wet chemical analysis in the most difficult environments.

Its modular design makes it possible to adapt the analyzer to the specific needs of the application. Multi-parameter and multi-stream analyses are easily implemented as well as analogue and digital communication with other devices.

Analysis capabilities
• Titration for a broad range of applications
• Karl Fischer titration for water determination in liquids
• Dynamic Standard Addition with Ion Selective Electrodes
• Differential Absorbance Colorimetry for water quality analysis & plating solutions
• Direct Measurements for measuring pH, conductivity, redox and temperature
• Third party devices such as density, flow, refraction, turbidity...