Product News: New Product Release for Ion Chromatography: 883 Basic IC plus

18 Jun 2009

The 883 Basic IC plus is an intelligent, very compact ion chromatograph for training and routine applications. For determination of cations and anions with and without chemical suppression. With text book.

With the smallest intelligent ion chromatograph Metrohm provides a favorably priced ion chromatograph that will allow schools, universities, vocational and advanced training facilities as well as company-internal training laboratories to purchase one or more ion chromatographs and equip their training rooms with the necessary workplaces.

Metrohm’s smallest ion chromatograph comes with a practical textbook that presents the basics of ion chromatography and also covers the theory at both an entry level and an advanced level. It also describes 22 experiments that open up the whole world of ion chromatography to the students. With the 883 Basic IC plus Metrohm offers an instrument that is perfectly suited to introduce students to ion chromatography. As ion chromatography belongs to the HPLC family this means that the basics of this analytical technique are also covered. Individual methods can be created and stored for each experiment, each student and each application.

The 883 Basic IC plus is, of course, not just limited to education but can also carry out standard applications in the analytical laboratory. Regardless of whether anions or cations are to be analyzed, or whether organic acids need to be determined, the 883 Basic IC plus provides reproducible and accurate results within a very short time.

All Metrohm intelligent ion chromatographs, and this includes the 883 Basic IC plus, are equipped with intelligent modules such as iPump, iDetector, iColumn, as well as the Metrohm Suppressor Module «MSM II» and an injector. The analytical column is placed inside the instrument and runs at room temperature.The 883 Basic IC plus can be automated with the 863 Compact IC Autosampler. MagIC Net™ Basic is included with the instrument and does not have to be ordered separately.