Product News: Critical Process Control – Online Analysis of Silicate in Boiler Feed Waters using the Metrohm 811 Online IC Process Analyser

22 Jun 2009

Boiler and cooling tower scale is expensive to control and is caused by impurities precipitating out of the water on heat transfer surfaces or suspended solids in the water settling out on the metal and becoming hard. The presence of scale caused by silicates can cause overheating and failure of boiler tubes. If no action is taken then corrosion may occur underneath the boiler scale which reduces the operating efficiency, cause thermal damage, and enforce unscheduled down time of the plant.

With online analysis, critical process parameters are constantly monitored allowing pre-emptive rather than reactive decisions to be made to treat the formation of scale. This enables the site to operate more efficiently and profitably, minimising the time spent off-line rectifying problems. Metrohm Online IC systems – designed for 24-7 use throughout the year - are supplied in a single industrial housing and can be custom-tailored for almost any online IC application. The sample sequence is freely programmable and for every sample stream a freely defined number of ions can be analysed and monitored. Special control cards show at a glance whether the values are inside the required concentration ranges giving increased security and environmental control.

The Metrohm 811 Online IC Process Analyser is designed to provide optimum IC analysis in accordance with industry standards which means ease of operation, perfect reliability even in rough environments and precise and reproducible results. The inline calibration technique makes it possible to quantify ions in the ng l-1 range. The 811 Online IC Process Analyser benefits from Metrohm's long-term experience in online analysis and the online software allows any parameter of the chromatogram to be recorded and monitored reliably either at point of installation or remotely through the software.

The IC system itself consists of top-class components that have been used for many years in the modular Metrohm IC systems - designed to require very little maintenance - and realistically the Online IC can be used by non-chemists. No sample preparation is required as the multi-selection handles the automation and sampling of the streams of interest.

For the opportunity to discuss control of critical processes and the online analysis of silicate in boiler feed waters using the Metrohm 811 Online IC Process Analyser please contact our support team who will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and provide additional information.