Product News: Metrohm Professional Liquid Handling Strengthened by Addition of 872 Extension Modules

10 Jul 2009

The 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling Unit can be fitted to the 850 Professional IC that underpins Metrohm’s reputation as the class leader in liquid handling for Ion Chromatography (IC). The 850 Professional IC represents the third generation of IC from Metrohm and are the only instruments in their class where Intelligence comes as standard to ensure reliable, reproducible results run after run with little or no down time for required for essential maintenance.

The 872 is an extension tool for upgrading all 850 Professional IC instruments. It enables an additional dual channel peristaltic pump, six port injection valve as well as a ten port selector valve to be installed into the 850 Professional IC. The 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling extends the capabilities of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation «MISP» a technique that Metrohm has pioneered as long ago as 1997.

The ten port valve could be used for example to provide at-line analysis if the IC was located close to a number of different sample sources. The mixing vessel could be for example for pH modification on a sample ahead of analysis or a pre-column reaction through the addition of an auxiliary solution. The system is flexible and open ended, it would be possible to use the setup for dilution also or spiking of the sample. Using the Metrohm Dosino™ technology which is generally regarded as the class leader for liquid handling then it is possible to aspirate and dose very accurate volumes of solutions around the IC system as appropriate.

Short capillary connections keep the rinsing volume low, so that liquid handling becomes even faster and more reproducible. The 872 Extension Module Liquid Handling is fully controlled by the MagIC Net software and even complicated liquid handling can easily be automated and incorporated into the working method.