Product News: TitrIC Pro – Multi-Ion Analysis by Automated Titration, Direct Measurement, and Ion Chromatography

10 Sep 2012

Metrohm presents TitrIC pro, the latest version of the company’s all-in-one system for efficient monitoring of standard parameters and contaminants in drinking water and other matrices. TitrIC pro combines titration, ion chromatography and direct measurement in a single analytical system. TitrIC pro is operated by MagIC Net, the proven Metrohm software for ion chromatography.

TitrIC pro determines all ionic components quickly, reliably and reproducibly. Results are presented in a single report and stored in the integral database. Up to 100 samples can be determined without any manual intervention. The high degree of automation, including sample preparation, reduces costs and increases the precision of the measurements.

Particular attention has been given to keeping space requirements to a minimum. Synergies between titration, direct measurement and ion chromatography from Metrohm are evident: all methods use the same liquid handling units and share a single sample changer saving time, costs, and bench space.

TitrIC pro is conveniently controlled by MagIC Net, the Metrohm standard software for ion chromatography; tiamo™, the Metrohm standard software for titration, runs in the background. Due to the combination of titration, direct measurement, and ion chromatography, the determination of all ionic components can be carried out by TitrIC pro – which is why the system is not only ideal for comprehensive water analysis, but also for applications in the food, electroplating and pharmaceutical industry.