Product News: Metrohm Presents Tool To Customize Personal Solutions For Ion Chromatography

24 Oct 2013

Metrohm is pleased to present an online configurator for their latest IC systems, the 940 Professional IC Vario and the 930 Compact IC Flex. With this unique tool, a few mouse clicks are all it takes for users to specify any individual solution they may need to meet their particular analytical requirements.

Modern ion chromatography is a powerful analytical tool and has found widespread use in laboratories of all kinds. However, using the full potential of the method can be a challenge; there simply are so many options and possibilities. On the side of the hardware, only the right combination of functional modules, features, and specifications will do the job.

This is exactly where the new online configurator provides help. With their analytical requirements in mind, users select from the comprehensive options available from Metrohm to configure their personal IC system from scratch, as it were.

Basically, this process is organized as a systematic sequence of questions and the answers provided by the software: “How many channels does my system require? Do I want to run gradients? How many eluents do I need to mix? Which kind of suppression and detection do I need …?” The logic of the software makes sure only ‘real’ options can be selected; the user can never stray from the technologically feasible.

Step by step and module by module, the result is a custom solution that meets the user‘s particular requirements. The new online configuration not only shows a detailed picture of the system configuration but also provides a detailed list of the modules and components comprised. At a mouse click a PDF can be printed out and/or a Metrohm expert contacted.