Product News: Monitor Deep-Frying Oil Quickly and Easily with MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids Test Strips from Merck Millipore

26 Sep 2013

Many fast food restaurants offer irresistible deep-fried dishes. However, the process of deep-frying causes oils and fats to decompose over time. One of the major by-products of decomposition is free fatty acids. When these acids exceed an acceptable threshold, they affect the quality of fried food. Hence, it is important to determine the right time to replace your oil. If done too soon, you would be wasting resources. Too late, and you risk serving food of inferior quality.

The good news is that it only takes 30 seconds to find out if it’s time for an oil change. With Merck Millipore’s MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids visual test strips you can easily monitor the quality of your deep-frying oil. This inexpensive method requires no special training, lab instruments or sample preparation. Simply dip the test strip in the oil or fat sample and read the results. The label shows typical threshold values to help you make quick decisions.

Despite their exceptional simplicity and efficiency, MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids test strips deliver reliable and reproducible results. They are produced using high-quality papers and developed according to ISO 660 standards.

Your benefits

Accurate: High-quality paper for reliable and reproducible results, traceable to defined standards (ISO 660)
Fast: Results in 30 seconds
Inexpensive: No lab equipment, sample preparation or special training required
Easy: Simple dip-and-read method with typical threshold values for go/no-go decision on the label

Would you like further information about MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids visual test strips for monitoring deep-frying oil? Please contact Merck Millipore.