Industry News: Merck’s Innovative isishape® Etching Pastes Win Two Global Awards for Quality and Service

25 Jul 2013

Merck has won two renowned awards in one week. On July 9, it was presented with the global 2013 Intersolar Award for Photovoltaic Production Technologies in San Francisco, USA. Then on July 16, it was honored by TPK Touch Solutions Inc., the world’s leading touch panel maker, as outstanding vendor during a ceremony in Xiamen, China.

At the Intersolar North America 2013, one of the most attended conferences for solar professionals, Merck was awarded the first prize for developing the Merck Selective Emitter (MSE) using isishape® SmartEtch™ etching paste to structure mono-/multicrystalline silicon wafers in a single-doping process providing efficiency gains of 0.5% absolute. Recognizing innovative technologies that accelerate the implementation of solar, the 2013 Intersolar Award confirmed that Merck’s isishape® approach allows for cost efficient mass production using standard equipment.

The Excellent Supplier Award from TPK Touch Solutions Inc, Taiwan, honored Merck’s performance in the areas of quality, cost, delivery and technical services for R&D. Merck is TPK’s partner in efficient and environmentally-friendly touch-sensor patterning processes using etching pastes. Hans-Juergen Lemp, Head of Structuring Solutions in Merck’s Performance Materials division, commented: “These awards recognize and illustrate the achievement of our goal to not only offer unique materials but also to provide efficient technology concepts supported by an excellent service network for our customers.”