Product News: High Power Tungsten-Halogen Light Source Covers Full Visible-NIR Spectrum

26 Jul 2012

McPherson introduces a high power 650-Watt tungsten-halogen light source that delivers Visible and near Infrared continuum output in the 350 to 2500nm spectral range.

The new Model 610 light source system includes a powerful 650-Watt quartz tungsten-halogen light source with coil filament and integral reflective focusing. A mirror-condenser is used and source output is free from chromatic aberration and focused in order to best illuminate small areas. Compact, forced air cooled housing has approximately f/5 output designed to fit directly to McPherson spectrometer slit assemblies. The built in power supply has potentiometer control to allow variation of output intensity and operation at reduced output light levels or to extend the lamp life.

The McPherson Model 610 650-Watt tungsten halogen light source is useful for VIS-NIR spectroscopy and for optical or experimental systems requiring high light levels.