Product News: MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System Simplifies Protein and Antibody Production

27 May 2011

The MaxCyte STX Scalable Transfection System provides an ideal solution for rapidly expressing a large number of antibodies or proteins in the quantities needed for use in screening and other pre-clinical drug development applications. The MaxCyte STX uses flow electroporation to reproducibly transfect an array of cell types, including CHO cells and other cells commonly used for protein production.

The MaxCyte STX is a fully scalable instrument able to transfect from 5x105 cells in seconds, up to 1x1010 cells in less than 30 minutes using pre-loading electroporation protocols optimized for maximum protein production. In the past, stable cell lines have been the standard for protein production. The MaxCyte STX presents a practical solution to the time, labor and cost challenges faced when relying exclusively on stable cell lines for antibody or protein production. This system can produce proteins faster and at a lower cost than stable cell lines allowing users to more effectively focus their limited resources.

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• Rapid Development of a High Titer Protein Production Method with CHO Cells Transiently Transfected using MaxCyte Electroporation Technology – Application Note #5

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