Industry News: Specialist Presents GPC/SEC Benefits at Chromatographic Society Meeting

28 Feb 2012

Malvern Instruments will speak at the symposium ‘Chromatographic characterization and purification techniques for Biopharm’, a meeting with a packed program of presentations and workshops that will focus on monoclonal antibody-derived drugs. This 2-day event is organized by the Chromatographic Society and will be hosted at the GlaxoSmithKline Medicines Research Centre in Stevenage, UK on 14/15 March 2012.

On 14 March, Dr Mark Pothecary, Product Manager for Malvern’s Viscotek Size Exclusion Chromatography systems, will discuss ‘Characterization of antibodies and other proteins using a variety of techniques, including SEC’. This will be followed on 15 March by a short presentation about ‘The benefits of multi-detector SEC as a method for characterizing the absolute molecular weight, size and structure of proteins’.

Malvern Instruments offers a range of solutions for characterizing proteins and other macromolecules. These include Viscotek advanced size exclusion chromatography (SEC) systems and detectors for rapid, reliable characterization of molecular weight and molecular structure, and the Zetasizer family which employs dynamic and static light scattering to measure size and molecular weight.

The Chromatographic Society, founded in 1956, is an internationally connected organization and UK registered charity devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques.