Product News: Malvern Instruments Sponsor 8th Annual European Rheology Conference

14 Mar 2013

Malvern Instruments, a company keen to share its new technology for microrheology, is sponsoring the 8th Annual European Rheology Conference which takes place in Leuven, Belgium, 2nd to 5th April 2013. Expert rheologists from Malvern will be in attendance throughout the event, and on display will be the Kinexus, a high performance rotational rheometer that enables advanced shear and vertical testing, and the Zetasizer Nano ZSP, a premium light scattering system with microrheology capability.

The conference brings together leading rheologists from around the world for four days of lectures and seminars. Microrheology, a relatively new technique, is sure to be a popular topic for discussion. In simple terms microrheology is the determination of rheological parameters from measurements of the motion of colloidal probe particles within a sample and it extends the application of rheology into areas not accessible with even the most sophisticated mechanical rheometers, allowing the analysis of ultra low viscosity and highly strain sensitive samples over the shortest timescales.

The newly launched Zetasizer Nano ZSP supports microrheology measurements, broadening access to the technique. It has already been used to study the aggregation of proteins and for the characterization of dilute polymer solutions, however the advancement of microrheology is very much a collaborative effort and Malvern rheologists are keen to hear from anyone with experience or thoughts to share.

Kinexus is a powerful, high performance rotational rheometer, particularly well-specified for the rheological characterization of dispersions and other complex fluids and soft solids. It has unprecedented dual-action capabilities for both shear and vertical testing that provides researchers with the flexibility required for advanced measurement. Equally importantly, a modular configuration with true ‘plug and play’ functionality, along with pioneering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven testing, extends access to the capabilities of the instrument to less expert users.