Product News: Low Retention Pipette Tips Showcased

11 Jun 2012

Sarstedt will be presenting the new Low Retention Pipette Tips at ACHEMA 2012. Thanks to optimized surface properties they are ideal for superior sample recovery.

This development in liquid handling has become necessary in view of increasingly sensitive analysis methods so that even the smallest sample volumes render precise results. As reaction volumes decrease, disposable tips are needed to meet more sophisticated requirements. The calibrated pipette/pipette tip system is crucial to precise dosing. Sarstedt pipette tips are therefore subjected to comprehensive conformity testing.

When working with viscous liquids sample residues can easily be left in the pipette tips, which is likely to cause wrong analysis results. Sarstedt’s Low Retention Pipette Tips are designed to exclude this source of error. The optimized surface improves the dispensing behavior so that even the very last sample droplet is expelled.

Apart from providing enhanced pipetting accuracy, the new tip option is also ideal for minimizing the loss of costly reagents like restriction enzymes or polymerases.

Low Retention Pipette Tips are available in Biosphere® quality with filter (sterile, free from DNA, RNase, ATP and pyrogens) and in a standard quality without filter.

Learn more at Booth J13 in Hall 4.2.