Product News: New Multiplex Solutions Enable Broader Simultaneous Detection of Target Genetic Markers in Pathogenic, AgBio and Clinical Research Samples

19 May 2014

Researchers can now simultaneously analyze samples for multiple genetic markers of interest in a single qPCR reaction with a set of new Life Technologies TaqMan multiplex reagents. The solutions are designed to reduce the cost of analysis and preserve starting material for applications such as plant genotyping or pathogen detection.

“[In a clinical research laboratory], the ability to multiplex samples is paramount, especially when there are limited amounts of starting sample,” said Chris Linthwaite, president, Genetic Analysis Platform at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our new TaqMan multiplex reagents help to drive productivity and efficiency by enabling this important process.”

The multiplex solutions include:
- TaqMan QSY probe with new QSY quencher and two new ABY and JUN dyes. These combine with FAM and VIC dyes to provide a set of four dyes, which have spectral wavelengths closely aligned with the filter channels available on Applied Biosystems-branded real-time PCR instruments.
- TaqMan Multiplex Master Mix is specially formulated with the necessary components to allow undeterred amplification of up to four targets in the same reaction. It contains Mustang Purple dye, a new passive reference compatible with new ABY and JUN dyes.
- Spectral Calibration Plates are available in different formats for use with several Life Technologies brand real-time PCR systems, including: the QuantStudio instrument portfolio, the ViiA 7, and the 7500 and 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems.
- Off-the-shelf TaqMan RNaseP and GAPDH QSY Assays are available to quantify GAPDH and RNAseP genes. These assays are also available in a primer-limited format.

The new solutions double the capacity of the Life Technologies-branded qPCR systems to interrogate samples for up to four targets (4-plex) simultaneously, in addition to the Mustang Purple passive reference. For customer convenience, Thermo Fisher also offers a custom service to design multiplex assays for customer studies.

The TaqMan QSY probe with QSY quencher, ABY and JUN dyes, and TaqMan Multiplex Master Mix are labeled “For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.”