Product News: Life Technologies Launches EZQC™ Online, a Web-based Solution for Molecular Diagnostics Quality Control

26 Sep 2013

Life Technologies Corporation announces the release of its EZQC™ Online, a web-based tool for quality control management in molecular diagnostic labs. EZQC™ Online contains three modules: a guidance tool for initial validation and verification of molecular tests; a tool to help labs meet CLIA standards for calibration verifications; and a tool for ongoing quality control monitoring that provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer comparisons.

EZQC™ Online streamlines validation of molecular assays and can collapse time of validation to as little as two days. The Validations/Verifications module includes a comprehensive database of guidelines and templates that can be utilized to quickly design validation protocols and analytical reports.

"Labs can sometimes spend up to two months researching guidelines and designing protocols before implementing a validation study for a new assay," said Linh Hoang, M.D., Ph.D., General Manager of AcroMetrix® quality control products at Life Technologies. "EZQC™ Online gathers extensive research into a searchable package that can accelerate this process, saving labs time and effort."

The tool's QC Monitoring module allows laboratories to monitor test performance on an ongoing basis, alerting personnel to data drift and to potential failures before they occur. In addition to tracking internal lab testing quality, the EZQC™ Online tool offers a unique feature through which labs can gauge the performance of their assays against other laboratories. The data are anonymized and levels of data sharing are set by each user to ensure confidentially of results.

"The networking feature provides a forum for labs to collaborate, sharing guidelines, experiences and any information they choose, which allows an opportunity for laboratory directors and technicians to learn from their peers and raise the overall standard of molecular testing," said Dr. Hoang.

The EZQC™ Online tool is an extension of the company's EZValidation™ Online Tool, which assists laboratories in verification and validation of molecular tests. EZValidation was selected by The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and made available to its member labs. APHL's members include state, territorial and local public health laboratories; state environmental testing laboratories; state agricultural and food safety laboratories; and individual scientists, public health officials and academicians.