Product News: LI-COR VRDye Secondary Antibodies for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Now Available

15 Jul 2013

LI-COR offers VRDye™ secondary antibodies and protein labeling kits for immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry applications. The VRDye products broaden LI-COR’s dye product portfolio, which now spans from the visible to the near-infrared fluorescence spectrum.

The new VRDye 490, VRDye 549, and IRDye® 650 secondary antibodies are highly cross-adsorbed and are suitable for multiplex experiments. "Our VRDye secondary antibodies offer researchers the ability to correlate their near-infrared application data with microscopy and flow cytometry data," says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. "These products fill a great need for our customers and complement our existing line of IRDye infrared dye-labeled secondary antibodies."

The new VRDye protein labeling kits are optimized to label primary and secondary antibodies for use in microscopy, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, or other applications.