Product News: Leman Instruments Introduces New Family of High Purity Oxygen Generators

New OXYSTATION 20LC and OXYSTATION 40LC Instruments now available

05 Sep 2017

Responding to requests from end users in the analytical field, Leman Instruments has developed the new OXYSTATION line of instruments with improved features.

The new OXYSTATION 20LC and OYSTATION 40LC are high purity oxygen generators, providing:

  • Low operation costs.
  • Excellent reproducibility of measurements and high pressure stability.
  • Oxygen available 24/7 at constant purity and without contamination.
  • An independent source of O2 that can be easily moved around the laboratory and does not require any piping.
  • Remote control from PC, Iphone and Tablet.

The OXYSTATION 20LC is suitable for any application involving O2 and the OXYSTATION 40LC system, with on board compressor, is intended for the following applications:

  • Makeup gas for GC
  • Protection gas for cell culture
  • Carrier gas for calibrators

Each instrument is equipped with high performance communication interfaces (USB, RS485, Ethernet and WLAN) to create a flexible gas network with local or central control. Due to the software the OXYSTATION 20LC and 40 LC are easy to install, reliable, safe and pleasant to operate.

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