Product News: Total Recall with Leica Microscope Assistant – Now Free of Charge

02 Sep 2013

Leica Microsystems now provides Leica Microscope Assistant, the software module Leica LAS Store and Recall, free of charge with all coded and automated microscopes.

With Leica Microscope Assistant, users can restore all settings to their microscopes to reproduce the same conditions they used to acquire an image. While Leica Application Suite (LAS) automatically saves all microscope settings, including illumination intensity and contrast methods, magnification and exposure time, with each image, users can recall these settings with one mouse-click on the image via Leica Microscope Assistant. This makes the software module a time saver and quality control for the user – and recording of configuration and settings in a lab book is made unnecessary.

“With Leica Microscope Assistant, results are quickly reproducible,” says Alexander Micheluzzi, Marketing Support Specialist, Leica Microsystems. “The microscope, illumination and microscope camera can be automatically reset to the stored status. Samples can be easily compared under exactly the same conditions, which makes re-examining samples very convenient for industrial as well as life science applications.”