Product News: LECO to Manufacture Reference Materials Under the Guidelines of A2LA Accreditation Program

12 Jun 2013

LECO Corporation has received accreditation for certified reference material and reference material production under the A2LA Accreditation Program for Reference Material Producers, in compliance with the International Standards Organization ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and Guide 34-2009.

LECO will begin manufacturing new consumables immediately using the accreditation guidelines, and customers will soon be able to purchase these materials with the added confidence that they are produced with specified technical and management system requirements and are of appropriate quality. The current scope of accreditation includes ferrous and nonferrous metal reference materials for carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen elemental composition by combustion or inert gas fusion.

Accreditation for LECO's analytical testing labs has been renewed as well, certifying that chemical testing performed by LECO testing labs meets the requirements of ISO Standard 17025 as well as applicable ASTM standards.