Product News: Learn about the Newest Microplate Reader Technology and Win an iPad Mini at SLAS2013

31 Dec 2012

BMG LABTECH, the Microplate Reader Company, is a proud Diamond Sponsor of SLAS2013. Visit Booth #721 to learn about the newest microplate reader technology, in addition find out how to win an iPad Mini, or another great gift, from select vendors each day of the conference.

BMG LABTECH has been producing innovative microplate measurement instrumentation for over twenty years. German-built with quality manufactured parts, BMG LABTECH microplate readers are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments that greatly enhance all biomolecular screening assays. Using quality engineering to create a better biological solution, BMG LABTECH microplate readers stand out above the rest.

It is no more apparent how quality engineering can enhance biological applications than with the PHERAstar FS. The PHERAstar FS has become the Gold-Standard Microplate Reader for high-throughput screening labs and core-facilities, quickly replacing outdated, less sensitive measurement instrumentation.

Able to measure all cell-based and biochemical HTS assays with fantastic S:B ratios and Z’ values, the PHERAstar FS can also measure HCS assays that are not possible with other microplate readers. Three excitation sources (two lasers for AlphaScreen® and TR-FRET/HTRF®), specialized optics for cell-based assays, separate detectors and measurement electronics for greater sensitivity in all modes, and 3456-well capability make the PHERAstar FS the ideal microplate reader for HTS, core-facilities, and automated platforms.

The PHERAstar FS will be highlighted at several workshops, posters, and at different collaborators’ booths at SLAS 2013.

Workshops - refreshments will be served:
• Monday 12:30 – 1:45, Naples Room 2-3
Labcyte-Miniaturized and Automated Cisbio HTRF® Assays with the Echo® Liquid Handler and BMG PHERAstar FS
• Tuesday 12:30-1:15, Sun Room 1-2
BMG Labtech-Enhanced Assay Development and High-Throughput Screening with New and Unique Microplate Based Technology.

• Quantifying Fluorescent Ligand Binding to GPCR’s in Live Cells using the PHERAstar FS – a new format for HTS
• Nano High-Throughput Screening (nHTS) Platform-Miniaturization of Cell-based GPCR and Kinase Assays in 3456-well Microplates
• Methyltransferase, Acetyltransferase, Kinases, and GTPases Can All Be Measured with Transcreener® Assays and the PHERAstar
• Monitoring Drug Solubility and the Growth of Candida albicans Using BMG LABTECH’s NEPHELOstar Light-Scattering Microplate Reader
• A new HTRF® assay for the quantification of active Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) (CISBIO poster)
• High-Throughput Homogeneous Histone H3 Methyltransferase (HMT) and Demethylase (HDMT) Enzyme Assays using HTRF Technology: G9a, MLL1, and EZH2 Methyltransferase plus LSD1, JMJD2C and JMJD2A Demethylase Assays (CISBIO poster).

Visit Booth #721 to learn how to win an iPad Mini (or another great prize) and to learn how quality engineering creates a better biological solution with BMG LABTECH microplate readers.