Product News: Laser Particle Sizing at the Push of a Button

23 Sep 2011

Fritsch have introduced their new Laser Particle Sizer Analysette 22 for simplified particle measurement. Ideal for those working in production, quality control or R&D even with no prior knowledge of particle sizing.

To start a measurement with the ANALYSETTE 22, simply select one of the predefined SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Then the programme prompts you to add the sample material. As soon as the quantity is sufficient, the measurement starts automatically. The rest is automatic:

-Automatic dispersion
-Automatic measurement
-Automatic analysis
-Automatic report generation.

Each Analysette 22 is supplied with the MaS control Software containing predefined SOPs – for nearly all routine measurement tasks. These SOPs can be modified via a well-arranged input mask to suit your measurement requirements: The dispersion process and duration, measuring frequency, time intervals and many other parameters can be selected and saved as separate SOPs.

In addition to integrated standard reports, the freely editable report generator allows your reports to be organised according to your needs. The reports can integrate graphs as well as all measurement parameters, statistical values or selected measured values. Also the integration into a local computer network is a simple matter.