Product News: New Automated Evaporation Concentrator

17 May 2012

LaboGene Aps has announced the release of the new ScanVac-HyperVap™ automated evaporation concentrator that compliments their range of ScanVac MiniVac & MaxiVac centrifugal concentrators.

The ScanVac-HyperVap ™ is an efficient, automated "nitrogen blow-down" concentrator that can handle up to 32 samples, from 6-300mls and offers the simultaneous evaporation of different solvents in differing volumes.

Features & Benefits

• Four Independent Timer Settings for Gas Injection Channels, each with 8 nozzles, allows each channel to be controlled separately, allowing different volumes and solvents to be evaporated simultaneously
• Two Step Control of Gas/Air Injection pressure/time, allows both initial and running pressure to be altered on a time base. This allows a gradual change of pressure to prevent “bumping” of the sample on start up
• Semi-helical Gas/Air flow via specially designed nozzles, generates a large sample surface area, to maximize the rate of evaporation
• Temperature control of the water bath from ambient to 99°C
• Status monitoring incorporating “traffic light” indication for heater, ventilation/extract fan and door closure. When all is OK the light is yellow, if there is malfunction or set is incorrect the corresponding light is red
• Blue back-lighting to the sample chamber gives excellent definition for viewing the samples via either front or side windows
• Rear mounted extract/ventilation fan for rapid exhaust of gas/vapors (connection to duct & exhaust via fume hood)
• Tempered Glass panels to chamber front, sides and top lid
• Drain valve + hose for easy replacement of bath water
• Diverse range of sample racks catering for various sample containers