Product News: New Workstation to Improve Assay Results and Reduce Costs

31 Jan 2011

Labcyte Introduces the Access™ Laboratory Workstation. This workstation takes the powerful suite of software applications and automation control proven successful on the POD™ 810 automation platform to the bench top. It combines the revolutionary Echo liquid handler with a high-precision robotic plate handling system to improve assay results and reduce costs.

“Our Echo liquid handler customers are miniaturizing their processes while improving data quality,” said Mark Fischer-Colbrie, Labcyte CEO and president. “The Access workstation instantly adds automation with the same user-friendly software that has made our POD automation platform so successful.”

The Access workstation is exceeding the expectations of Labcyte early access customers. Building on the Labcyte reputation for customer-driven solutions, the Access workstation ensures that researchers can easily create automation routines, manage sample inventory, and customize reports.

“Labcyte continues to revolutionize liquid handling. In 2010, we introduced the Omics package to enable transfer of a broad set of fluids across a wide range of drug discovery and life science applications,” said Fischer-Colbrie. “Recent enhancements have extended our liquid handling capabilities to include the transfer of very viscous fluids including protein crystallography reagents and solutions containing high concentrations of glycerol. The Access workstation makes it easy to tap into the Echo capabilities.”