Product News: New RevElution™ in Bio-Concentrators

13 Mar 2012

Labconco has introduced the new RevElution™ Bio-Concentrator that uses patented technology to rapidly and efficiently concentrate liquid microbial samples for further analysis. Samples as large as two liters can be concentrated at a rate up to 100 ml/minute using a unique method that draws the liquid through a filter and then elutes the trapped particles with a wet foam solution. As much as 90% of microbes are recovered, ready and viable for various rapid or classical analytical methods such as immunoassay, PCR or cell culture. The RevElution is an ideal sample prep instrument for bacteria, parasites, molds, fungi and whole cells found in food, beverage and environmental samples and other life science applications.

The RevElution operates with the press of one button. A single-use filter tip is inserted and lowered into the sample. Pressing the button draws a sample through the filter. Liquid passes through the filter and is directed to a drain and discarded or collected for future use. Once all the liquid has been filtered, the same button is pressed to trigger the wet foam elution process, which releases the particles from the filter into a small container. Final sample volume is user set between 200 to 1000 µl (less than 1 milliliter). The RevElution’s single use tips eliminate contaminant carryover between samples. The entire fluid path is contained within the disposable tip. The small footprint measures only 6.0” wide x 14.0” deep and 11.2” tall and weighs only 10 pounds—small enough to be easily transported from lab to lab.