Product News: Workflow progress: MobileDrop with DSA2

26 Nov 2007

Mobile contact angle measurement with new features

The contact angle measuring instrument MobileDrop from KRÜSS determines the wetting properties of solid samples in the field, automatically and nondestructively. With a footprint of only about 13 cm2 this handy instrument also masters curved and tilted surfaces as well as those that are difficult to access. The instrument is designed for use with a notebook and allows on-site quality control.

New software features – Autostart mode

The software meets the requirements for rapid and flexible contact angle measurements – with a solution applied for a design copyright. Image analysis registers the entry of the depositing needle in image on the screen; the measurement is triggered automatically as soon as the needle leaves the image. The notebook collects the measured values drop for drop without any keyboard commands.

DSA2 in Autostart mode – Automatic calculation of the surface free energy

MobileDrop knows a shortcut on the way from the contact angle to evaluating the quality. The surface free energy is shown automatically at the end of the measurement series and evaluated directly. By using a previously defined range of tolerance the program either gives a "green light" or shows the result in a red warning window – this is a signal for the user to intervene in the process.