Product News: Mobile contact angle measurement on samples of any size

30 May 2006

The MobileDrop contact angle measuring instrument incorporates many ideas in a very small space.

In the field of quality assurance the demand is increasing for flexible instruments that can be used in the field and which allow tests to be carried out on materials while processes are being carried out. The MobileDrop from KRÜSS closes this gap in the contact angle measurement field. MobileDrop is operated with only one hand and permits measurements to be made on surfaces of virtually any size.

Despite its small space requirements, a prism optics system ensures a sharp image of the drop contour. Drop deposition with different liquids allows the surface free energy and its polar and dispersive fractions to be determined in a short time. All components are contained in an ergonomic housing together with a USB camera. The video image is transferred to a notebook which does the mental work: analysis of the drop shape and calculation of contact angles and surface energies with the software DSA2. An extensive substance database and comfortable tools for data administration are included.