Product News: KNAUER to Present the Latest UHPLC and HPLC Systems and Purification Solutions

10 Jun 2011

KNAUER is continuously enhancing products and overall company processes for more efficiency and sustainability. At HPLC, the company will present a life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 and 14044:2006.

PLATINblue liquid chromatography systems are capable of running under standard HPLC conditions, fast LC conditions, and true UHPLC up to 1000 bar (15000 psi). PLATINblue instruments enable high resolution separations, offer advanced GLP features such as RFID pump head recognition, and are easily configurable. PLATINblue systems are manufactured for durability. During its lifetime a system saves time, eluent, and energy with every sample.

BlueOrchid UHPLC columns, KNAUER’s sub-2 µm columns with superior performance at remarkable low backpressure are now available in 12 different selectivities, including C18, C18A, PFP, SAX, HILIC, PAL-HILIC, and more. These high resolution columns enable shorter column lengths, faster run-times, and lower solvent consumption per sample than standard HPLC columns.

Bioline HR glass columns and biochromatography systems provide higher resolution compared to standard glass columns allowing for significantly faster separations of proteins and other compounds.

KNAUER further offers modular LC purification systems for batch HPLC up to 1000 ml/min as well as simulated moving bed chromatography systems. Features to minimize the environmental impact include solvent recycling, stacked injection and continuous operation.

KNAUER also displays the modular and flexible Smartline HPLC systems and components. With Smartline instruments high precision system solutions for environmental, pharmaceutical, quality control and food analysis laboratories can be realized.

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Please also note the following poster presentations with KNAUER participation:
All our posters will be displayed at the Gallery of the Budapest Congress Center

Session 1: Clinical, forensic, and toxicological analysis, Monday-Tuesday
• P1-G-104-TU, Determination of t,t-muconic acid in urine samples, Dr. Silvia Marten, KNAUER

Session 2: Industrial Aspects of Separations, Wednesday-Thursday
• P2-G-651-WE, The Life Cycle of an HPLC system - an environmental perspective, Laura Schneider, TU-Berlin
• P2-G-643-WE, Improvement of Lab Scale SMB Operation by Pump Flow Control, Dr. Matthias Lübbert, KNAUER

Session 2: Column technology and stationary phases, Wednesday-Thursday
• P2-G-487-WE, Optimized Filling and Protein Separation with a new High Resolution Glass Column, Dr. Markus Fuchs, KNAUER

Session 2: Pharmaceutical analysis, Wednesday-Thursday
• P2-G-693-WE, High Speed Separation of Clindamycin phosphate and process impurities on different columns types, Mareike Naguschewski, KNAUER

Session 2: Environmental analysis, food safety, agricultural analysis, Wednesday-Thursday
• P2-G-582-TH, Fast online SPE purification of plant extracts for improved determination of steviol glycosides, René Borstel, KNAUER