Product News: KNAUER to Present Latest UHPLC and HPLC Systems at ACS Meeting

23 Mar 2011

The PLATINblue liquid chromatography systems are capable of running under standard HPLC conditions, fast LC conditions, and true UHPLC up to 1000 bar (15000 psi). PLATINblue instruments enable high resolution separations, offer advanced GLP features such as RFID pump head recognition, and are easily configurable. Now it has become even easier to enter the PLATINblue class of instruments: With the new “PLATINblue HPLC Plus” routine HPLC up to 750 bar can be carried out plus the system is fully upgradeable to UHPLC anytime.

The latest addition to the PLATINblue line of instruments is the column thermostat T-1, which allows for stable temperature conditions and advanced column switching tasks.

BlueOrchid UHPLC columns
KNAUER’s sub-2 µm columns with superior performance at remarkable low back pressure are now available in 12 different selectivities, including C18, C18A, PFP, SAX, HILIC, PAL-HILIC, and more.

KNAUER will also display the modular and flexible Smartline HPLC systems and components. With Smartline instruments high precision system solutions for environmental, pharmaceutical, quality control and food analysis laboratories can be realized.

KNAUER further offers modular LC purification systems for batch HPLC up to 1000 ml/min as well as simulated moving bed chromatography.

Visit ACS 2011 booth 865 to meet KNAUER.