New Sensitive and Compact LC/MS Solution for High Throughput Applications

06 Jul 2011
KNAUER is now offering its PLATINblue UHPLC systems with the MSQ Plus mass detector, an ideal combination for high-throughput applications. The LC system fulfills the highest demands in terms of separation performance, the mass detector measures with high sensitivity and swiftly scans at up to 12000 amu/s. This combination provides a very robust and easy to use solution.

The LC-MS package consists of:

• PLATINblue UHPLC system* capable of running extremely fast gradients, HPLC up to 5 ml/min, and UHPLC applications up to 1000 bar.

• MSQ Plus single quadrupole mass detector complete with APCI and ESI ion sources. Very fast, sensitive, and reliable.

• Xcalibur™ MS software, including PC workstation and installation

* also available as an economy package with a PLATINblue HPLC Plus system (750 bar up to 5 ml/min, 400 bar up to 10 ml/min, upgradeable to UHPLC at any time).

Benefit from MSQ Plus advantages:

• 1000x more sensitive than UV detection.

• Complete with electrospray (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources.

• Anions and cations can be detected in one run with the fast polarity switching function.

• Identification and quantification can be carried out simultaneously through the combination of scan and single ion determination (SIM). Even incompletely separated LC peaks can be determined by mass detection.

• Patented automatic cleaning of the sample inlet reduces maintenance and downtime.

• Robust and easy to handle.

• Xcalibur™ data system takes full control of the PLATINblue system and the MSQ Plus detector, including data analysis and report functions. The software provides FDA 21 CFR Part 11 conformity.

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