Product News: KNAUER to Showcase Latest Innovations in Biochromatography at Biotechnica 2013

23 Sep 2013

At Biotechnica 2013 KNAUER will be presenting biochromatography solutions that can provide significantly better performance to laboratories currently using FPLC methods.

The solutions are applicable for first screening, preparative, and bioprocess scale separations of proteins. The products include:

BioFox® separation media and pre-packed columns. The BioFox columns feature a specially reinforced agarose, allowing their use at higher flow rates/pressures compared to common FPLC columns, thus achieving faster or better resolved separations. This enhanced stability also enables self-packers to pack much faster and reproducibly.

Bioline HR glass columns. These columns have been developed for high resolution separations using the BioFox media, but can be used with any bulk material as well. These boro-silicate glass columns are pressure stable up to 100 bar and feature axial compression (optionally on both ends), quick release plungers, exchangeable frits, and a thermostatic jacket for benchtop cooling.

Bioline Purification Systems. Complete solutions for biochromatography: all Bioline LC systems are based on well-proven modular KNAUER LC technology, built to be used for a wide range of applications. The systems are equipped with a unique central cooling feature, requiring no cold room space.

Contichrom® purification systems. These LC purification systems are ideal for process development and tasks too demanding for common FPLC systems. Depending on the purification challenge, Contichrom can be run in a variety of operating modes, including batch LC, Capture SMB, MCSGP, and SMB. This makes Contichrom one of the most versatile systems in terms of process flexibility. With MCSGP e.g. both yield and purity can be increased by 50% at a 10-fold throughput rise and 70% reduction in buffer consumption compared with batch LC.

Visit KNAUER in Hall 9, Booth G16