Product News: Julabo Announces New Compact Recirculating Cooler

23 Apr 2010

The new compact recirculating cooler F250 by JULABO is a budget-priced, basic, and user-friendly instrument designed especially for routine application in day-to-day laboratory work. The unit cools with a closed circuit and uses only between one and 2 liters of refrigerant. The working temperatures range from +5°C to +40°C with a temperature stability of ±0.5°C (PID-control).

The easily adjustable pump has a pressure capacity of 0.35 bar with a minimum flow rate of 15 l/min. Additional features include a splash-proof keypad, LED temperature display, filling nozzle on top of the unit as well as a filling level indicator. Thanks to its small foot print and the frontal vents the unit is ideal for flexible laboratory applications and provides optimal process stability.

The F250 cools efficiently, reduces operational costs and protects the environment by saving expensive tap water. Due to its low purchase price the unit will amortize itself in no time.