Product News: JEOL Announces a New Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, JSM-7800F

28 Jul 2011

The JSM-7800F is an ultimate analytical tool that answers a wide variety of users' needs. With its new super hybrid objective lens, the microscope is capable of high resolution imaging as well as high speed, high precision elemental analysis.

Features of the JSM-7800F include:

Ultimate resolution

The super hybrid objective lens achieves resolutions of 0.8 nm (15 kV) and 1.2 nm (1 kV).

High speed, high precision elemental analysis

The microscope performs speedy sample analysis with the optimally focused electron probe at high current without compromising the analytical accuracy and the quality of elemental mapping.

High quality data acquired by stable electron probe

The long lasting in-lens thermal electron gun produces a stable probe, which allows for continuous acquisition of high quality data from imaging and from various analysis including EDS, WDS, EBSD, and CL.

Support of wide ranging samples

The super hybrid objective lens can image/analyze magnetic samples at high magnification. It also makes imaging of non conductive samples easy.


SEI resolution
0.8nm (accelerating voltage 15kV)

1.2nm (accelerating voltage 1kV)

In Analysis mode: 3.0nm (accelerating voltage 15kV, WD 10mm, probe current 5nm)

25 to 1,000,000x

Image types
Secondary electron image, backscattered electron image

Accelerating voltage
0.01 to 30kV

Probe current
Maximum 200 nA

Electron gun
In-lens thermal electron gun

Objective lens
Super hybrid lens

Specimen stage
5 axis motorized stage

Specimen exchange chamber