Product News: Jasco to Host Seminars/Events and Latest Product Releases at Pittcon 2010

22 Feb 2010

Jasco is to present two new instruments for the measurement of Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) and the NRS-5000/7000 series of Raman spectrometers. The NRS builds on the capabilities of the NRS-3000, providing even greater features and technological innovations. Visit booth 3457 to learn more about these new products and the Jasco seminars and events happening.

FVS-6000 VCD Spectrometer and VFT-4000 VCD Accessory for FTIR-4000/6000 Series
The new product line-up consists of the new stand-alone Model FVS-6000 VCD Spectrometer as well an add-on Model VFT-4000 VCD accessory for the Jasco 4000 and 6000 line of FTIR Spectrometers. Features of the new systems include:

• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to enhance sensitivity
• Thermally stabilized modulator system to eliminate baseline drift
• Extra large dewar to allow up to 15 hours of operation without refill
• Innovative auto-alignment system to eliminate linear anisotropy artifacts rather than correcting for them
• High intensity ceramic light source for maximum energy and lifetime up to ten years
• Optional accessory for auto-sampling

Both systems are capable of measuring conventional IR Absorption along with Vibrational CD and are controlled from the same Spectra Manager II spectroscopy software suite.

NRS-5000/7000 Series Raman Spectrometers
The NRS-5000/7000 series instruments can integrate as many as 8 excitation lasers (9 wavelengths) from the UV to the NIR, automated laser/Raman scattering path alignment, automated grating and laser selection and up to two detectors. The NRS-5100/5200 instruments feature a 300 mm spectrograph and 3 selectable gratings. The NRS-7100/7200 instruments include a 500 mm spectrograph and up to 4 selectable gratings. The NRS-5200 and NRS-7200 instruments offer a dual-grating, low wavenumber measurement unit for optimized Raleigh rejection and Raman spectra down to 10 cm-1.

The NRS-5000/7000 instruments offer high-speed imaging capability using the Software Programmable Raman Integration System (SPRIntS) for rapid scanning and sample imaging capabilities. The Verti-Scan capability ensures a consistent confocal sample excitation capability to obtain undistorted 3-D images, even without the use of an automated X-Y-Z sample stage. The Dual Spatial Filtering capability reduces sample fluorescence while enhancing spatial resolution.

Seminars and Events
Sunday, February 28th
2:55 PM: Session 210-6 - Advantages of ATR Imaging for Micro-Sample Analysis (Room 206B), presented by Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

Tuesday, March 2nd
1:30 PM: JASCO Press Conference - New Product Releases 2010 (Room W304GH), presented by Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

Wednesday, March 3rd
9:00 AM: Session 1990-4 - Increasing Data Collection Speeds for Raman Imaging Applications (Room 307C), presented by Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

Thursday, March 4th
9:55 AM: Session 2630-6 - Voyaging Beyond 'Standard' SFC into the High Speed Analysis (Room 311D), presented by David Tognarelli