Product News: Iridian Offers Extended 1064 nm Raman Filters

28 Dec 2012

Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd. (Iridian), a leading global supplier of optical filter solutions, has added improved 1064 nm filters to its Raman filter offerings.

Non-contact identification of explosives and hazardous materials is an important application of portable and handheld Raman spectrometers. Excitation using 1064 nm sources has become increasingly popular due to the reduction of fluorescence interference that is observed with shorter excitation wavelengths. Iridian has improved its 1064 nm laser line and long pass filters by extending the operating range to 4000 cm-1 (1850 nm). This makes identification and analysis possible using features at Raman shifts beyond the fingerprint region.

While observing spectra without fluorescence is advantageous, the trade-off is a weaker Raman signal intensity. This strengthens the need of high signal-to-noise optical filtering, which Iridian addresses by offering high transmittance and deep blocking filters. Iridian’s improved 1064 nm Raman filters extend the wavelength range of industry-leading performance to provide more signal with less background.