Product News: IonSense Introduces the First Commercial Ambient Ionization System, DART® GSX™, for the Agilent® GC/MSD at Pittcon 2013

13 Mar 2013

IonSense, Inc. today introduced the DART® GSX™ System for the Agilent® GC/MSD, for the first time enabling ambient ionization on a GC/MS instrument. Customers with Agilent GC/MS instruments will now be able to add Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) capability to their labs and enjoy the benefits of rapid analysis with little or no sample preparation, and simplified spectral analysis. This capability will allow chemists and analysts to screen samples in seconds to focus their efforts on the problems, reduce sample backlogs, and increase the efficiency of their labs.

The DART GSX System includes a DART G12 source and the GSX™ Interface coupled to the Agilent GC/MSD. Routine analyses are facilitated by the QuickStrip™ Sample Cards on the linear rail scanner unit for analysis of up to 12 samples in a single unattended experiment.

"We are excited to be able to extend the benefits of DART to labs that utilize GC/MS instruments," says Brian Musselmen, IonSense President and CEO. "Until now we have only been able to supply DART to customers that have an LC/MS instrument in their labs. Though there are now several hundred DART units in the field, we are looking forward to working with the thousands of labs where GC/MS is the mainstay of their efforts."

IonSense will be exhibiting the DART GSX System as well as its line of ambient ionization sources at the Pittcon Conference and Exhibition in Booth 2411. They will feature the ID-CUBE® with its OpenSpot™ Sample Cards for easy sampling and near-instantaneous results, the DART OS for using OpenSpot Sample Cards as well as other sample form factors, and the DART SVP for complete flexibility and automation of analysis.