Product News: Intelligent System Emulation for LC Methods

10 Apr 2012

Throughout analytica Agilent Technologies is offering a series of presentations on the latest technology innovations in LC, LC/MS, GC/MS, liquid chromatography, chemistries, genomics, automation, spectroscopy and software. Visit the Agilent Mobile Laboratory to see their ‘Out of Lab’ solutions outside of Hall A2 in the atrium.

Discover a truly universal LC system in the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC with Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) which:
• Emulates other (U)HPLC instruments with a simple mouse click
• Runs existing (U)HPLC methods, without modifying method or system
• Delivers equivalent retention times and peak resolution for better method transfer

In summary, ISET users mainly benefit from:
• Minimize your instrument-related costs. Run your legacy methods with ISET while taking full advantage of the UHPLC speed, resolution and sensitivity of the 1290 Infinity LC. No need to maintain your old legacy LC systems!
• Accelerate your instrument-to-instrument method transfer. No more method transfer problems! Simply emulate the LC system on which the original method was developed – with a single mouse click.
• Achieve higher productivity for method development. Speed up your method development with UHPLC performance and then fine-tune your method by emulating the target system – and be confident that the method will run as intended.

Learn more about the new 1290 Infinity LC Technologies, Solutions and Applications in one of the dedicated presentations, click here to view schedule.

Liquid Chromatography
Infinitely Better: NEW 1290 Infinity LC Technologies, Solutions and Applications
Tuesday, 11:30
Wednesday, 12:30
Thursday, 13:30
Friday, 14:30

Visit booth 105/206 in Hall A2 to find out more.