Product News: IDT to Present Workshop on Target Enrichment Strategies for Next Generation Sequencing at NGS 2013

31 Oct 2013

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis will be attending NGS 2013 Manchester: Applications & Bottlenecks, on November 5-6. Scientific Application Specialist at IDT, Dr. Nick Downey, will present a workshop on November 5, providing delegates with an opportunity to discover how oligonucleotide probes and novel blocking oligonucleotide approaches are improving solution-based target enrichment strategies for next generation sequencing (NGS). As a chance to share expertise and form effective strategies, the workshop run by IDT is ideal for researchers wishing to improve the performance of their targeted enrichment protocols.

As an alternative to whole genome sequencing, target enrichment approaches vastly increase the efficiency of NGS, focusing in on chosen target areas of the genome linked to a specific pathway or disease state. Attendees of the workshop will discover how solution hybridization probe-based enrichment presents significant advantages over PCR-based methods, and how performance is further enhanced by oligonucleotide probes. Furthermore, a new generation of modified blocking oligonucleotides have been shown to increase on-target capture by 10-25 % and their universal barcoded domains alleviate the need for individual barcode specific blockers.

Delegates of NGS can visit the IDT booth to discover how IDT can enhance their research.