Product News: INTEGRA VIAFLO Announces Next Generation of Pipette Tips

18 May 2010

Developed by INTEGRA VIAFLO - GripTips™ are a next generation range of pipette tips that ensure the perfect connection between pipette and tip. GripTips have been engineered to provide unmatched high lateral resistance reducing the risk of pipette tips falling off while pipetting.

Benefiting from unique Tri-Lobe Fittings, GripTips deliver low attachment and ejection forces enabling comfortable, stress-free pipetting even over extended periods of use. GripTips deliver a precise and consistent tip seal ensuring that all tips on a multichannel pipette are precisely at the same height; increasing the accuracy and precision of each multichannel dispense.

Available in five volumes (12.5µl, 125µl, 300µl, 1250µl and 5000µl) GripTips come in stackable racks, GREEN PACK environmentally friendly inserts or bulk configurations (non-sterile, sterile and filter sterile). To enhance ease of use - GripTips feature color-coded inserts that correspond to the volume ranges of the INTEGRA VISION and VOYAGER pipettes. The 12.5µl and 125µl GripTips come in racks of 384, so the same tips and the same rack can be used with single, 8, 12 or 16 channel pipettes. Produced from certified virgin medical grade polymer materials, using precise and consistent manufacturing techniques, GripTips provide consistent, excellent results.

INTEGRA provides a complete range of handheld pipetting systems offering accurate liquid handling from 0.5µl to 100ml. To learn more about PIPETBOY, VISION, VOYAGER and other exciting liquid handling products from INTEGRA please click on the Company article page link top right of this page.